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Speccy Tour 2010 Special Rules

Speccy Tour 2010 Special Rules


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We do take us the right to change rules for a game in the middle of the Tour, if it shows that its marathonable. Or if someone finds a leeching spot or a bug, we'll also make rules against that.

Solomon's Key:

Two completions only allowed. When you have completed all 17 levels twice, you must stop playing, and calculate your final score using this formula:

Score * (1.20^N)
N = Remaining lives

Calculation Help

Jumping Jack:

It is not allowed to collect more than 450 points within the first 3 levels. This is to avoid that players use the climb to top, and drop down to collect more points technique, in those easy starting levels. So if your score gets higher than 450 points during the first 3 levels, then stop recording, as it will be DQ'ed.

3D Tanx:

We play on level EASIER, with RATIONED ammo. It's not allowed to let enemy tanks pass the bridge at the beginning of the game, without trying to prevent them from. This will build up your ammo stock. Doing this will get your recording DQ'ed.

How to choose EASIER and RATIONED ammo is described in the txt file that comes along in the st10game.zip file that you must download to get the officials snapshot.

Daley Thompson's Supertest:

Play until qualify stops to rise, then play just one more round and quit recording.


We play until you've used all 3 lives/credits. So you are allowed to play until the game says Game Over.

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