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Speccy Tour 2009 Special Rules

Speccy Tour 2009 Special Rules


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We do take us the right to change rules for a game in the middle of the Tour, if it shows that its marathonable. Or if someone finds a leeching spot or a bug, we'll also make rules against that.

Let it be said that there'll probably be more Special Rules added over the next days. But until then, just fill in the score and stages completed as normal.

Earth Shaker:

One completion only allowed. When you have completed all 32 levels, you must stop playing, and calculate your final score using this formula:

Score * (1.25^N)
N = Remaining lives

Calculation Help

Milk Race:

It's only allowed to complete the race two times. Your final score when you have completed the race twice, is the score that counts.

Scuba Dive:

Free choice of what level you want to start playing on.

Snowman, The:

The last screen completed is what counts in this game. Enter that into the Stages box on the Submit page. As many players will complete the same number of screens, the second sorting factor is the time it took to complete those screens. The length of the recording is from when you press 'S' to start the game, until it has finished playing the congratulations melody on the last screen you completed.

Space Zombies:

Free choice if you want to play on Slow, Normal or Fast.

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