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Speccy Tour 2008 Special Rules

Speccy Tour 2008 Special Rules


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We do take us the right to change rules for a game in the middle of the Tour, if it shows that its marathonable. Or if someone finds a leeching spot or a bug, we'll also make rules against that.

Codename Mat:

For "Level of play" choose Level 2. For "Rank" select Commander.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon (Day 2):

When the qualify times/length stops rising, play one more round and stop playing. If you succeed in doing that, remaining lives will be awarded using this formula

Score * (1.30^N)
N = Remaining lives

Oh BTW, as it says above, don't even think about using any bugs in this game, as those recordings will be DQ'ed.

Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge:

Play at Level HARD. The points from the games Leaderboard is used.


The number of levels completed counts as final score, meaning that if you reach level 6, your final score is 5. As some players might complete the same number of levels, the time used to complete them is the second sorting category. So try to complete as many levels as fast as possbile :)

Please enter the number of completed levels in the Stages column when submitting, and enter your real score in the score column.

The timing of the levels completed is from the second you press 'S' to start the game, to the second the car starts driving out of the garage in the last level completed.

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