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Speccy Tour 2006 Special Rules

Speccy Tour 2006 Special Rules

Spanish / Russian

On this page you can download the games for the Speccy Tour 2006 and see the Special Rules set up for some of the games. In the zip file with the games is a file called info.txt, please read it carefully before starting to play.

Download Games


We do take us the right to change rules for a game in the middle of the Tour, if it shows that its marathonable. Or if someone finds a leeching spot or a bug, we'll also make rules against that.

Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash:
Settings: Please choose English - New Rules, 3 Sets and free choice of Ball.
Length: We play one Tournament.

F = sum (Level Won * (10 + Point Difference))

Ex. Level 1 - 9:7/9:2 // Level 2 - 9:6/4:9/9:8 // Level 3 - 2:9/9:8/5:9
gives 1*(10+9) + 2*(10-1) + 0 = 37 ST Points.

Stunt Car Racer:
Proceed playing as long as you win your Division, meaning as soon as you end up second or third in a division, stop recording.

f = sum (Level Played Coeficient * Points Won)

Level 1 (Division 4) = 2
Level 2 (Division 3) = 3
Level 3 (Division 2) = 4
Level 4 (Division 1) = 6

ex. Level 1 - 10 Points / Level 2 - 9 Points / Level 3 - 7 Points (failed to win the league, game over)
gives 2*10 + 3*9 + 4*7 + 0*0 = 75 ST Points.

How To Be A Complete Bastard:
- We'll count letters lightened over points, so the score will be calculated as:
f = Letters Lightened * 2000 - score

- So in case of same number of letters lightened, it's the player with the lowest score who wins.

- You can stop your recording when you want, since it's very hard to die.

- You can't lower your score intentionally without motive to get a little final score. It will be considered as leeching, and your recording will be disqualified.

Zona 0:
Not really a Special Rule, more an information -

A few days into the Tour we had to make a second Z80 file of Zona 0 for those who prefer, or only can play using Keyboard. You should have been send this new Z80 file in an E-mail. If not please download the games pack again. When submitting your recording to HARP, PLEASE mention in the Description/Comments box if you used the Joystick or the Keyboard Z80 file of Zona 0 while recording.


Q = Up Left
S = Down Right
O = Up Right
K = Down Left
SPACE = Turbo

IMPORTANT: Only for players who can complete/loop the game twice:

Stop recording after 2nd loop (30 zones completed). Your score be calculated like this:

Score * 1.15 ^ (number of remaining lives)

Player's final score after looping it twice is limited to 12.000 points. This means if you have more than 12.000 points you have to lower it to 12.000. This way players won't do leeching by collecting lives over and over, letting yourself die after picking up the extra life, and the points.

10.350 with 8 remaining lives = 31.660 ST points.
14.150 (12.000) with 8 remaining lives = 36.710 ST points - Because we limit the max points to 12.000.
10.350 with 11 remaining lives = 48.150 ST Points

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