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Home Action Replay Page - Speccy Tour News

10/10-2010 As always, the Speccy Tour pages are updated, and the official snapshots are put online a good 5-6 hours before the Tour officially starts. Happy Touring everybody :)

29/9-2010 Finally we have added a step by step explanation on how to Record/Playback using Fuse. The explanation was done by Sergio Baldoví (tinkle). Thank you very much Sergio.

28/9-2010 IMPORTANT: We have a draw in the Small Skill category in our voting. The draw is between Jumping Jack and Chopper Rescue. Everyone who voted in the first round, will get an E-mail, and the chance to vote between those 2 games, so watch your mailbox :)

18/9-2010 Added a link on the Tour index page to Kevin Phair's great tribute page to Jonathan Smith, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

12/9-2010 Added the English and Spanish Rules and FAQ pages for the Speccy Tour 2010.

10/9-2010 Added a Past Winners page. Wonder, why I haven't done that earlier :)

5/9-2010 The Voting for which games to take part in the Speccy Tour 2010 have started.

4/1-2010 The Hall of Fame was updated including the results from the ST2009.

3/1-2010 The final result is confirmed, and the winner of the ST2009 is Alessandro Grussu aka Gazzosa. CONGRATULATIONS.

24/12-2009 Added a recording of BadBeard passing 1,000,000 points in West Bank in the Speccy Tour 2009 on the Highlights page.

17/12-2009 The Unofficial Final Result was posted on the Speccy Tour main page.

6/12-2009 The Week Code to be used in the last week of the Speccy Tour 2009 has been made public. The new week code is 1940.

28/11-2009 The new Week Code to be used for the next week has been made public. It is 0818.

28/11-2009 BadBeard did it again. After passing 500,000 points in West Bank in the beginning of November, he has now passed 1,000,000. Congratulations on that excellent score.

22/11-2009 As we think there's a good chance that someone will complete all 32 levels in Earth Shaker, we added a Special Rule for this game.

15/11-2009 In about 10 hours we are halfway through this edition of the Speccy Tour. The top 3 players are:

1. Gazzosa 114 pts.
2. BadBeard 83 pts.
3. Stack 79 pts.

So, this is the halfway Top 3, only counting the 8 best scores. The requirements for winning the $50 Bounty is only fullfilled by one player at this point, and that is by the player Gazzosa. However BadBeard is very close, and is leading the tie deciding game West Bank. So it looks like it will be a tough battle for that Bounty :)

7/11-2009 WOW, the player BadBeard has as the first player passed 500,000 points in West Bank.

1/11-2009 Barry Rodewald (mahlemiut) and Chad Hurwitz (Skito) was added to the thank you list on the rules page. I realized that should have been done a long time ago. Sorry, guys.

1/11-2009 We found some technical problems with WolfMess. Therefore it is now only allowed to use a fixed version of WolfMess 134 for the rest of the Tour. No older versions are allowed.

26/10-2009 Due to freshness problems, we had to replace the Scuba Dive file used for the Tour.

21/10-2009 Its been decided to allow the newest versions of Fuse for the Speccy Tour.

21/10-2009 If you want points in The Snowman for the leaderboard, you must fill out the length box. If you don't want to time your recording, then just set the length to 1 second. If there's no time entered, the system can't sort your score, and you don't get any points.

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