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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Speccy Tour Knights List
Home Action Replay Page - Speccy Tour Knights List

The Knights List is used to determine how many votes a player have in the Speccy Tour votings. The more Tours you play, and based on your success, you work your way up the Knights List, which gives you more influence on the result of the voting each year.

KNIGHTS (14 Votes):
Aleksandar Lukic "Alex_Lux"
Alessandro Grussu "Gazzosa"
Iván Ruiz Etxabe
Jaime Tejedor Gomez "Metalbrain" 
Néstor Lucas "nlucas.zx"
Eduardo Yáñez Parareda "eyp"
Dmytro Gryshchenko
Santiago Eximeno "eximeno"
Pablo Yanguas "rebufo"
Pete Fifield "gameboy9"
Michael Bruhn "Frankie"
Paul French "Spaceman"
Zoran Vucenovic

CAPTAINS (10 Votes):
Ruffy Perez Cordón
Dejan Metjias "cosmos2" 
Joe Mackay
Gal Hegedus "Gal"

SOLDIERS (6 Votes):
Matthew Westcott
Vincent Lynch
Tony Brazil
Matthew Clemson
Derek Jolly
Alan Maxwell
Joaquin G. "Speccy"
Jose Leandro Novellón
Fede J. Álvarez "falvarez"
Russell Marks
Javier Alcañiz
Luis Pérez
Federico Jerez "Profanation" 

LADY (4 Votes):

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