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Home Action Replay Page - Speccy Tour Solved Games

Here you get a list of games that was solved in a Speccy Tour, meaning that it would not make sense to include it ever again in the Speccy Tour. As you can suggest games for coming Tours when the voting begins, please don't suggest any of the following games.

Manic Miner - Bug Byte / Software Projects

Solved in ST2001. Many players create winning patterns with minor variations among them. Game become easy/boring.
Chuckie Egg - A&F Software

Included in the ST2001. The game is too hard to be 'patterned', but Aleksandar Lukic showed how to start every level, besides showing many tricks, so that other players can follow it.

Hunchback - Ocean Software

Also included in the Speccy Tour 2001. This game is hard when you don't have pokes or emulator (save snap, speed down...) but its trivial plot made pattern-finding easy for good players in Tour. We had to make a ONE life rule a few weeks into the Tour back then, to avoid to long and boring recordings.

Enduro Racer - Activision

Also from ST2001. All other drivers and obstacles are predictable. For top players game is deduced to driving until they have found 'their' ideal route. Game is still valid for non-Decathlon-like tournaments. However, the game is Distribution Denied.

More games from the Speccy Tour 02,03 & 04 will be included on this list later.

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