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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Zona 0 Special Rules
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum

Zona 0 - Topo Soft

Special Rules:

Due to problems creating a Z80 file for this game where you could use either Keyboard or Joystick, we had to create 2 versions, one for both control methods. Please mention in the Description box if you recorded your game using the Keyboard or the Joystick file of Zona 0.

Keyboard version movement:

Q = Up Left
S = Down Right
O = Up Right
K = Down Left
SPACE = Turbo

IMPORTANT: As this game is marathonable, we stop competing when the game have been looped twice. In other words, stop your recording when you have played 30 zones.

Your score will be calculated like this:

Score * (1.15^N)
N = Remaining Lives

Player's final score after looping it twice is limited to 12.000 points. This means if you have more than 12.000 points you have to lower it to 12.000. This way players won't do leeching by collecting extra lives over and over again, letting themself die after picking up the extra life, and the points.

Zona 0 Regulation Play calculation help (Scores are rounded down):

Score: Remaining Lives:

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