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Target: Renegade (Time Trial) - Imagine Software

Special Rules:

In this Time Trial it's all about who is finishing 2 loops in the best time. However as we use the in-game timer, it's actually the player with the highest time score that wins. To calculate your score, you just need to add all your finishing times together. The Time to use is the one on the screen when you complete a level. Add all 10 together to get your score, and enter that in the Length field.

If you run out of time in one or more levels, then you need to subtract the extra time used from your score, meaning that if you complete it when the timer says 5:25 on it's second run, then you must subtract 0:35 from your score.

EXAMPLE: If you finish two loops, and your final times are 2:11 / 1:34 / 1:50 / 0:23 / 1:45 / 0:39 / 1:49 / 2:16 / -0:35 (clock ran out once) / 2:02, then your final score to insert in the Lenght field is 0h 13m 54s.

As there is a chance of two players having the exact same time completing the 2 loops, we use the final score as second scoring factor. In other words, please insert your score in Score field aswell.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is a time trial that runs for 2 loops, 10 levels. If you don't complete 2 loops, then you can't upload your recording under this Side Competition.

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