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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Sir Fred Special Rules
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum

Sir Fred - Mikro Gen

Special Rules:

The percentage of the castle visited is what counts in this game. You'll be informed of that when the game is over. Just insert it into the Score field.

Important: When loading this game into a real Spectrum it always starts up with a game where you'll find Sword (Cave) / Bottle (Stable), and after that you'll find Matches (Cave) / Bow & Arrow (Stable) in the second game. In the third game you find Nothing (Cave) / Dynamite (Stable). The second and third variation then randomly comes up after that. The first version Sword/Bottle is used for Regulation play, while the other two versions are Side Competitions, to give players the chance to complete all 3 versions of this game.

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