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Bounder - Gremlin Graphics

Special Rules:

As we found out during the Speccy Tour 2005, that some players could loop this game again and again, we have decided to make Special Rules for Regulation Play. However, you can still play an unlimited game if you like, and submit it in the Bounder (Marathon) Side Competition.

Under Regulation Play its only allowed to play a max of 20 Levels (two completions). You must stop your recording when you have completed 20 levels. Should you not complete 20 levels, just enter your score in the Score field. However if you manage to complete 20 levels, then use this formula to calculate your final score to insert in the score field:

Score x (1.05^N)
N = Remaining lives

For players who played in the Speccy Tour 2005: Its only allowed to upload your ST2005 recording if you did not complete more than 20 levels. Your ST2005 recordings where you completed more levels must as said before be uploaded in the Bounder (Marathon) Side Competition.

Bounder Regulation Play calculation help (Scores are rounded down):

Score: Remaining Lives:

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