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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Gameslist S
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Gameslist S

Scorechart:                        Company download pack:          More Info:      Special Rules:

Saboteur 1                         Durell Software                                            Yes
Saboteur 2                         Durell Software                                            Yes
Sai Combat                         Mirrorsoft                                                  No
Scooby Doo                         Elite Systems                                               No
Scuba Dive                         Durell Software                 ST2009                     Yes
Shao Lin's Road                    The Edge                                                    No
Sheer Panic                        Visions Software Factory                                    No
Sir Fred                           Mikro Gen                                                  Yes
Sir Fred (Matches & Bow and Arrow) Mikro Gen                                                  Yes
Sir Fred (Nothing & Dynamite)      Mikro Gen                                                  Yes
Sir Lancelot                       Melbourne House                                            Yes
Skool Daze                         Microsphere                                                 No
Slippery Sid                       Silversoft Ltd.                                            Yes
Snowman, The                       Quicksilva                      ST2009                     Yes
Space Zombies                      Mikro Gen                       ST2009                     Yes
Splat                              Incentive Software Ltd.         ST2005                      No
Splitting Images                   Domark Ltd.                     ST2005                      No
Stack Up                           Zeppelin Games Ltd.                                        Yes
Starquake                          Bubble Bus                                                 Yes
Starquake (Time)                   Bubble Bus                                                 Yes
Starstrike, 3D                     Realtime Games Software Ltd.    ST2001                     Yes
Stop The Express                   Sinclair Research               ST2006                      No
Stunt Car Racer                    Micro Style                     ST2006                     Yes
Super Scramble Simulator           Gremlin Graphics                ST2004                      No

WARNING: On the 29/10-2009 the Scuba Dive Z80 file to use for recording and playback was changed. Please download the Durell Software pack again to get the new Z80 file. To playback recordings submitted before 29/10-2009 you must use the old Scuba Dive file. Any recordings made with the old file, which is submitted after the 28/10-2009 will be DQ'ed.

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