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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Rules
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Rules

On this page we have the Rules that you must follow while playing here at HARP.

- All recordings made by a player must beat his/her personal high score for that game. If you scored 50 points in one game, the next upload must be of a higher value. It can't be 49 points, but it can be 51 points.

- Bugs/Tricks that you find in Spectrum mags are not allowed. There are so many, we can't mention them all on the Special Rules pages. So, please don't use them. Over time we'll try to upload recordings showing these disallowed Bugs/Tricks for games included in the Spectrum Database on the Disallowed Bugs/Tricks page. Feel free to send us recordings showing Bugs/Tricks, but remember to use the Z80 file you got here on HARP.

- There will be no excessive points leeching in any game. It is up to the Editor's to determine wheater a game is points leeching or not. If someone comes up with a way to illegally leech in a game the recording will be deleted, and we'll set up Special Rules to avoid that in the future.

- The score you claim must be done in the FIRST GAME of your recording. Failure to do so will result in your score being changed to what it was for the first game. So don't submit a recording including 4 games, and say its the third game that counts, here ONLY the first game played in a recording counts. Therefore, please stop the recording after the first game, when you've put in your initials, to avoid huge files.

- If a game involves shooting, NO autofire will be permitted. Using autofire will result in the recording being disqualified.

- There may be Special Rules involved OR restrictions (e.g. 5 lives only, special scoring system, etc.) for a particular game you want to submit for. PLEASE read those rules before making a submission. More about this on the Help page.

- For more rules that concerns all systems here at HARP, look at these extra Rules. Especially item 3 about not pausing in games. This is also not allowed on the Spectrum. However, its been allowed on Speccy Tour recordings from before 2005, because those Tours did not have any rules against this. Oh, and yes we know its not possible to pause any of the Spectrum emulators without the recording stopping, so do your buiness before playing, and if the phone rings, well if its important, they'll call again :)

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