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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - News

31/7-2014 Added the following games to the database: Badlands (Domark Ltd.), Beach Head 1, Beach Head 2 (U.S.Gold), Uridium (Hewson Consultants), Biggles, Sai Combat (Mirrorsoft), Cop-Out (Mikro Gen), Intensity (Firebird Software), Prohibition (Infogrames) and Thundercats 128K (Elite Systems). Download the game here.

6/6-2014 Antics from Bug Byte have been added to the database. Download the game here.

25/2-2014 We have added the Windows version of FUSE to the list of allowed Emulators for Spectrum competition. Remember to play in Compo Mode, and use version 1.1.1 (newest) and up.

9/2-2014 On request I've added Ant Attack (Quicksilva) and Icicle Works (State Soft Ltd.) to the database. Download the games here.

30/12-2013 On request from Chad I've added BeTiled! (Computer Emuzone) to the database. It's a Spanish game, but I've added the English version, and set it up for both ARCADE Mode (Regulation Play), and NORMAL Mode (Side Competition). Download the game here.

18/11-2012 Added Regulation play, and two more Side Competitions for Target: Renegade (Imagine Software).

10/11-2012 Added Target: Renegade (Imagine Software) as a Side Competition game, with Marathon rules. Download Target: Renegade, and start playing :)

22/10-2010 The Special Rule for Jumping Jack was changed, so that it is easier for the player ti know, when a recording would be good, or DQ'ed.

29/9-2010 Finally we have added a step by step explanation on how to Record/Playback using Fuse. The explanation was done by Sergio Baldoví (tinkle). Thank you very much Sergio.

4/7-2010 Added 10 games from the Speccy Tour 2008 and 2009 to Regulation Play. They are: Android Two (Vortex Software), Beaky and the Egg Snatchers (Fantasy Software), Buggy Boy (Elite Systems), Earth Shaker (Your Sinclair), Galactic Trooper (Romik Software), Gotcha (Blaby Computer Games), Horace and the Spiders (Sinclair Research), Livingstone, I Presume (Alligate Software), Milk Race (Mastertronic) and Space Zombies (Mikro Gen). Download the new games here. The rest of the games from those Tours will follow asap :)

15/11-2009 Changed Special Rules for Turmoil, so that we use those made for the Speccy Tour 2008. Also, added the Speccy Tour 2008 Special Rules for Daley Thompson's Decathlon to be used for both Day 1 & 2 under Regulation Play.

11/11-2009 The Special Rules for Scuba Dive has been changed to the same as used in the Speccy Tour 2009. Also, the Special Rules used for The Snowman in that Tour is adopted to Regulation Play.

29/10-2009 The Z80 file of Scuba Dive has been changed, due to freshness problems. Please download the Durell Software pack again to get the new version.

12/5-2008 Added 12 new games to the Spectrum Database. They are: Android One (Vortex Software), Green Beret (Imagine Software), Hard Cheese (DK'Tronics Ltd.), Into The Eagle's Nest (Pandora), Kokotoni Wilf (Elite Systems), Scooby Doo (Elite Systems), Snowman, The (Quicksilva), Stack Up (Zeppelin Games Ltd.), Trashman (New Generation Software), Tutankhamun (Micromania), West Bank (Gremlin Graphics) and finally Zythum (Mirrorsoft). To get all the games to start playing and recording, download this file.

9/5-2008 Added all the Speccy Tour 2007 games that wasn't already in the Regulation Play database. They are All Or Nothing (Abbex Electronics), Deflektor (Gremlin Graphics), Full Throttle II (Zeppelin Games Ltd.), Muncher (Silversoft Ltd.), Penetrator (Melbourne House), Tapper (U.S.Gold) and World Series Basketball (Imagine Software). Download the new games here.

4/1-2008 Changed Regulation Play Special Rules for Dynamite Dan and Deathchase to follow the Special Rules set for the Speccy Tour 2007.

16/11-2007 The Dynamite Dan snap has been replaced under Regulation play to the new one used in the Tour, where its possible to complete the game, which wasn't the case with the old snap. We have also changed the Special Rules to match those used in the Tour. Download the new Mirrorsoft pack to get the new snapshot.

12/5-2007 WolfMess have officially joined the list of emulators allowed for Spectrum Competition on HARP.

4/5-2007 Eight new games added to the database. They are Exploding Fist + (Firebird Software), Head Over Heels (Ocean Software), Orc Attack (Creative Sparks), Thrusta (Software Projects), Automania (Mikro Gen), Skool Daze, Wheelie (both Microsphere) and Sheer Panic (Visions Software Factory). Download these eight games here.

5/4-2007 As a little Easter Egg I added Jet Set Willy (Software Projects) to the database. Download it here.

1/4-2007 Spectaculator 6.3 was released a few weeks ago, and is allowed for competition on HARP. Version 6.25 is still not allowed, so please use the new one, or the Freeware version. Finally, this is no April Fools joke :)

30/12-2006 Added one of my personal cult games for the Spectrum, Highrise Harry (Blaby Computer Games). Download it here.

30/12-2006 The games from the Speccy Tour 2006 have been added to Regulation Play. They are Flying Shark (Firebird Software), Frenzy (Quicksilva), Gatecrasher (Quicksilva), Highway Encounter (Vortex Software), How To Be A Complete Bastard (Virgin Games Ltd.), Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash (Krisalis Software Ltd.), Zona 0 (Topo Soft) and Stunt Car Racer (Micro Style). Its the same files as used in the Tour, but if you didn't play the Tour get the files here. Two more games was included in the Speccy Tour 2006, but they were already in the Regulation Play Database, and as its the same files, you don't have to download them again. These 2 games were: Stop The Express (Sinclair Research) and Kosmic Kanga (Micromania). So, if you played in the ST06, you can now upload your topscores under Regulation Play aswell.

5/10-2006 Oh BTW, the Invincible trick for Saboteur 2 was added to the Disallowed Bugs/Tricks page the other day :)

17/9-2006 Added Bubble Bobble (Firebird Software) and Rainbow Islands (Ocean Software) to the Spectrum Database. Download them here.

8/9-2006 Five more games added to the Spectrum Database. They are: Wanted! Monty Mole, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Jack The Nipper (Gremlin Graphics), Gunrunner (Hewson Consultants) and Panama Joe (Sinclair Research). Download these new games here.

18/3-2006 Some games added that was included in the Speccy Tour 2002. As some of them was already in the Database, the Z80 files to these games have been changed: Aquaplane (Quicksilva), Cobra (Ocean Software), Cyclone (Vortex Software) and Fred (Quicksilva). For the last 3 we still have the old Z80 file online for you to playback older recordings. There's also two new games in this update that was part of the ST2002, they are: Pac-Mania (Grandslam Entertainments Ltd.) and Ping Pong (Imagine Software). Download the 4 replaced files and the new games here.

11/3-2006 To make it easier to see if a competition is Regulation Play or a Side Competition on the games list, SC is now printed in Bold instead of Italic.

3/3-2006 Special Rules set up for Bounder Regulation Play + some new Bounder Side Competitions. Besides that there's 3 new games added to the Database. They are: Tetris (Mirrorsoft), Video Pool (Oxford Computer Publishing) and Millionaire (Incentive Software Ltd.). Download those 3 new games here. If you played in the Speccy Tour 2003 you can now upload your Tetris recordings from that Tour under the Tetris (Skip Levels) Side Competition.

26/1-2006 We have removed RealSpectrum 32 from the Emulator list for both Regulation Play and Side Competitions as there are to many problems with it. Instead we have added FUSE for Mac OS for both competitions.

22/1-2006 Thanks to mike_myers bug find in Worse Things Happen At Sea in the Speccy Tour 2005, a disallowed bugs page have been set up, and Special Rules have been added to the game. Nice find Mike :)

17/1-2006 Added Glug Glug (Pacifist Version) Side Competition on the HARP Spectrum Zone pages. Sorry for the delay.

22/11-2005 As of today Spectaculator 6.25 was banned for playing on HARP Spectrum Zone, as there is a bug in it. All recordings made with that version uploaded after 21/11-2005 will be DQ'ed, except Speccy Tour recordings from before Tuesday 22nd 2005, 15:00 GMT, and those already online.

19/11-2005 Inserted the games from the ST2001 to the HARP Regulation Play Database. So now you can upload your ST2001 recordings to all games from that year, except Enduro Racer which is distribution denied. New games added due to this are: Starstrike 3D (Realtime Games Software Ltd.), Chuckie Egg (A'n'F Software) and Eric And The Floaters (Sinclair Research). Besides that we had to change the files for Manic Miner (Bug Byte) and Hunchback (Ocean Software), so please use the new files for recording for these two games. Get the 3 new games, and the replaced files here.

13/11-2005 The missing five games from the Speccy Tour 2005 have been added to the Regulation Play area aswell. Remember that you can submit your Tour recordings here also. The five new games are Glug Glug (CRL), Pyramid, The (Fantasy Software), Worse Things Happen At Sea (Silversoft), Splitting Images (Domark Ltd.) and Splat (Incentive Software Ltd.). Download them here.

8/11-2005 Changed the Hyper Sports file to the one used in the Speccy Tour 2001. This file will also be used in the coming Tour. So now you can upload your recordings from any of those Tours. Get the new Hyper Sports file here.

16/6-2005 6 more games added to the database. They are Match Day (Ocean Software), Olli & Lissa (Firebird Software), Paperboy (Elite Systems), Saboteur 2 (Durell Software), Stop The Express (Sinclair Research) and Zynaps (Hewson Consultants).

12/6-2005 Fixed the Arkanoid file, so that you can play with Joystick on both RealSpectrum and Spectaculator.

24/4-2005 Added a Links page, with some links to other great Spectrum sites.

20/4-2005 6 more games, and a Maziacs Side Competitio added to the database. The new games are: Daley Thompson's Decathlon (Day 1 & 2) (Ocean), Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future (Virgin), Firelord (Hewson), Galivan: Cosmo Police (Imagine) and Saboteur (Durell).

15/4-2005 7 more games from the Speccy Tour 2003 added to the database. They are: Beyond The Ice Palace 128k (Elite), H.A.T.E. (Gremlin), Arcadia, Jumping Jack (both Imagine), Maziacs (DK'Tronics), Daley Thompson's Supertest 128k (Ocean) and Krakatoa (Abbex). Besides that there are now also two side competitions for Sir Fred for which you need two seperate Z80 files.

14/4-2005 Activision denies WOS distribution of their games, therefore these four games are no longer available for competition on HARP: H.E.R.O., Enduro Racer, Super Sprint and Championship Sprint. The last two were by Electric Dreams which was bought up by Activision.

14/4-2005 We found out that the Batman file was corrupted, but now its been replaced. The Chase H.Q. and Mikie files have also been replaced with the official Speccy Tour 2003 snapshots, so now you can upload your ST2003 recordings for those two games.

10/4-2005 3 more game from the Speccy Tour 2004 added, meaning that if you competed in that Tournament, then you can upload your recordings here aswell. The games are: Amoto's Puf (System 4), Chopper Rescue (Blaby) and Colony (Bulldog).

9/4-2005 Found out that it wasn't possible to use Joystick in Moon Alert when playing on Spectaculator. I've added a second Moon Alert file just for players wanting to play that game with Joystick on Spectaculator. Players who play with Joystick on RealSpectrum should continue to use the old file. I've also change the txt file.

6/4-2005 11 new games added, they are: Alien Highway (Vortex Software), Anarchy (Hewson), Androids (Sunshine Books), Armageddon, Batman (both Ocean), Ball Crazy (Mastertronic), Barbarian (Palace Software), Booty (Firebird Software), Bounder (Gremlin Graphics), Bozy Boa (CDS Microsystems) and finally the Speccy Tour 2004 game Pi R2 (Mind Games).

30/3-2005 On request I added Sir Fred (Mikro Gen) to the database.

29/3-2005 4 new games added to the Database. They are: 20 Tons (Spectrum Computing), 2088 (Zeppelin Games Ltd.), Abu Simbel Profanation (Gremlin Graphics) and finally our first Multiload game Agent X (Mastertronic Ltd.).

21/3-2005 2 more games added to the Database. The games are Starquake (Bubble Bus) and Way of the Exploding Fist (Melbourne House). Besides competing on score in Starquake, I've also started a Side Competition, where you must complete the games as fast as possible. Have fun.

20/2-2005 Created the first Spectrum Side Competition. The game is Nebulus. Check out the Special Rules for both Regulation Play and the Side Competition for this game.

6/2-2005 9 more games added to the database. They are Chase H.Q., Chase H.Q. 2 and Transversion (Ocean Software), Macadam Bumper (PSS), Super Sprint and Championship Sprint (Electric Dreams Software), Boulder Dash (Front Runner), Terra Cresta (Imagine Software) and finally Turmoil (Bug Byte).

15/1-2005 A better file of Run Baby Run was added as the other file was a bugged version. Please make sure you download the Firebird Software pack again.

15/1-2005 2 More games added. Run Baby Run (Firebird Software) and especially for Chad I've included H.E.R.O. (Activision).

28/12-2004 6 new games added to the Database. They are: Hoppin' Mad (Elite), Scuba Dive (Durell Software), Shao Lin's Road (The Edge), Sir Lancelot (Melbourne House), Slippery Sid (Silversoft) and Rambo (Ocean Software). The Rambo file is fixed, so that the game doesn't crash when you shoot the Russian Helicopter. Thanks to Yura aka Goodboy for this excellent fix.

11/12-2004 3 games from this years Speccy Tour have been added to the Database, so that you can also upload your Tour recordings here at HARP aswell. The 3 games are Gilligan's Gold (Ocean Software), River Rescue (Thorn Emi Video Ltd.) and Super Scramble Simulator (Gremlin Graphics). Don't forget to download the company packs to be updated on the games in the database.

5/11-2004 The Unix Spectrum Emulator FUSE have been included to the list of Emulators that are allowed to use.

31/10-2004 Announced the Spectrum part of HARP to the Spectrum community.

10/10-2004 The first pages for this Spectrum part of HARP was uploaded, and 42 games are ready for competition. On these pages you'll find information about new games added for competition.

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