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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - How To page
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Help

On this page you'll find all the information you need to get starting to play and submit Spectrum recordings to HARP.

First Step:

You need to register to become a player here at HARP. Go here:

Home Action Replay Page home

What do you need:

You need a Spectrum Emulator to play. At the moment these Emulators are allowed to use for competition:

RealSpectrum for DOS, get it here. Its NOT allowed to use RealSpectrum 32 for windows anymore.

Spectaculator for Windows. Use either the newest Shareware version 6.3, or the Freeware version that Spectaculator programmer Jonathan Needle was so kind to allow us to use. The only Shareware version that is allowed is version 6.3 and up, version 6.25 is not allowed for competition on HARP due to a bug.

FUSE for UNIX or Mac OS. Get them here.

WolfMess for Windows. You are now allowed to use WolfMess, as long as you use version 115 and up. You can download it here.
IMPORTANT 1: Some games runs faster on WolfMess than they should. If we feel that its an advantage playing any of these games on WolfMess the recordings will be DQ'ed, and the game forbidden for competition on WolfMess.
IMPORTANT 2: You must still use the snapshots downloadable here on HARP Spectrum Zone.
IMPORTANT 3: Its not possible to record Multi-load games on WolfMess. Multi-load games can only be played on Spectaculator or Real Spectrum.
IMPORTANT 4: Please do not record using any clones. Only make recordings using the ZX Spectrum 'spectrum' or the ZX Spectrum 128 'spec128' bios roms.

Now you need to know how to use these Emulators, meaning how to Record and Playback your recordings with them. Go here for more information on that.

Explanation on Spectrum Record/Playback:

To be able to make recordings that are valid to submit at HARP you'll need to download the Z80 file of the games you want to compete in. It's very important that you use the Z80 files that are online here at HARP, as with any other Z80 files your recording will not playback. The files are sorted by Company to avoid a lot of small files online. Don't worry those company files are not that big. That's one of the good things about Spectrum Emulation, the files are small :)

To see what Company download packs are available go here.

When new games are added to the Database and are ready to be used for competition, then it will be announced on the News page.

How does this site work:

You'll find all games that are online for competition if you go to the Regulation play games page. Choose a letter and a list of all games beginning with that letter comes up. On those pages you'll find:

Scorechart: Here you'll get the Highscore table for that game. Go here to take a look at the Scorechart for Hewson's excellent game Exolon. If you choose the INFO link on the highscore page you'll get all information worth knowing about the history of that game on HARP.

Company download pack: Use those links to continue to a page where you can download the Company pack in which the game you want is included. On that page you can also see what other games by that Company is included in the pack. In these packs you'll also find a text file for each game, in which you are told what Spectrum Model, and what Joystick you can use in each game. It even tells you how to choose that Joystick within the game. Its all made really easy for you :)

More Info: Here you'll find more information on the game, like what Speccy Tour the Z80 file is taken from, ex. ST2004. This means that if you played in the Tour that year, then you can upload these recordings here aswell.

If it says Z80/TAP, it means that you'll need both a Z80 and a TAP file for this game. This is mostly for Multiload games. Its explained on the how to Record/Playback page how to make recordings of Multiload game.

Also if the text messages in a game is not in English, then this will be told here in Bold: SPA (Spanish)

Special Rules: If it says No here, then there's no Special Rules to follow in that game, meaning that the score is what counts for the Highscore table here at HARP. If Yes, then use the link to go to the Special Rules for that game. This can either be that instead of score, the level reached is what counts, or that its only allowed to complete the game once. The Special Rules will also tell you if certain tricks/bugs for this particular games is not allowed. The Editors of the Spectrum Zone can at any time zero a recording that uses a trick or bug in the game, and include that trick/bug as forbidden on the Special Rules page.

Side Competitions: If the game name is in Bold then its a Side Competition, meaning that it have different rules as under Regulation Play for that game.

If your favourite game is not online, and you would like it to be, you can request it, but we do NOT include games from companies such as Ultimate or Codemasters or any other companies who denies Distribution. If the game is Distribution denied on WOS then there's no need to ask for it to be included here at HARP. Also, if a game gets distribution denied after its been put online here, then it will be deleted from the games pack, and competition in that game will be stopped.

How to Submit your scores:

To submit your recordings you just choose Submit in the header, and then you choose 'Tournament: Spectrum - Regulation Play' or 'Tournament: Spectrum - Side Competitions' depending on what type of recording you want to submit. Now you come to the submit page which should be simple to use and understand. You can submit the files as they are, you don't have to zip them up.

Here comes a little explanation to some of the fields on the Submit page:

Stages: Please remember that this is number of stages completed, and not what stage you got to.

Length: Here you can enter the approx. time your game takes to playback at normal speed. NOTICE: The length of your game is from when you press the last button to start the game, until you lose your last life. It doesn't include the start intro or your initials input after the game.

Problems / Comments:

If you have any problems or comments about all this or any of the games in the database, then feel free to use the Spectrum - Regulation Play area on the HARP Board.

You can also contact us at frankiex at webspeed dot dk

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