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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Gameslist H
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Gameslist H

Scorechart:                       Company download pack:          More Info:       Special Rules:

H.A.T.E.                          Gremlin Graphics                ST2003                      Yes
Hard Cheese                       DK'Tronics Ltd.                                              No
Head Over Heels                   Ocean Software                                               No
Highrise Harry                    Blaby Computer Games                                         No
Highway Encounter                 Vortex Software                 ST2006                       No
Hoppin' Mad                       Elite Systems                                                No
Horace And The Spiders            Sinclair Research               ST2009                      Yes
How To Be A Complete Bastard      Virgin Games Ltd.               ST2006                      Yes
Hunchback                         Ocean Software                  ST2001                      Yes
Hungry Horace                     Sinclair Research                                            No
Hyper Sports                      Imagine Software                ST2001 & 2005                No

WARNING: On the 8/11-2005 the Hyper Sports Z80 file to use for recording and playback was changed. Please download the Imagine Software package again to get the new version. Any recordings made with the old version will be DQ'ed.

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