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Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Gameslist C
Home Action Replay Page - ZX Spectrum - Gameslist C

Scorechart:                       Company download pack:          More Info:       Special Rules:

Cavelon                           Ocean Software                  ST2007                       No
Chase H.Q.                        Ocean Software                  ST2003                      Yes
Chase H.Q. 2                      Ocean Software                                              Yes
Chopper Rescue                    Blaby Computer Games            ST2004                       No
Chuckie Egg                       A'n'F Software                  ST2001                       No
Cobra                             Ocean Software                  ST2002                       No
Colony                            Bulldog                         ST2004                      Yes
Cop-Out                           Mikro Gen                                                    No
Cyclone                           Vortex Software                 ST2002                       No

WARNING: On the 18/3-2006 the Cobra and Cyclone Z80 files to use for recording and playback was changed. Please download the Ocean Software and Vortex Software packs again to get the new versions. To playback recordings submitted before 18/3-2006 you must use these old Cobra and Cyclone files. Any recordings made with the old file, which is submitted after the 17/3-2006 will be DQ'ed.

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